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Cryolipolysis treatments for Excess Body Fat

Cryolipolysis from LA Lipo also referred to as CoolSculpting, is actually a brand-new treatment that includes the non-invasive freezing of the bodies excess fat, to break down body fat tissues, targeted to areas of stubborn body fat without harm to various other cells.

The results take anywhere from 6-12 weeks.

In the course of the treatment:

A suction applicator is positioned on the skin layer which has freezing pads and contact points.

People experience a chilly feeling for around 60 minutes whilst the treatments is being performed, and it creates amazing results.

Why opt for cryolipolysis for excess body fat?

A 2009 study Trusted Resource looked at the medical efficiency of cryolipolysis. The scientists found that cryolipolysis lowered the managed body fat to as much as 25 per-cent.

The end results were still evident 6 months after the therapy. Frosted, stagnant body fat tissues were kept at bay, disclosing complete weight loss within 3 months.

These are popular areas LA Lipo treat –

– back

– upper legs inner and outer

– stubborn belly fat upper and lower

– Hips or love handles

It may also reduce the look of dimpled skin on the lower legs, buttocks and upper arms. Patients also found incredible results for the chin, cheeks and face.

It takes one hour to deal with each targeted treatment area. Additional treatment areas on the body and face will be extra treatment time with your consultant.

Even the healthiest patients found incredible results on stubborn areas of excess fat, where diet and exercise had failed previously.

The treatment is non-invasive.

There are no lasting or even substantial negative effects.

Anaesthetic as well as pain medication are certainly not needed.

The procedure is excellent for the abdominal area, love handles but anywhere there is localised fat.

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How Long Does It Take?

  • A single Fat Freezing cryolipolysis treatment normally takes between 40 minutes to an hour to complete..
  • Most people will see noticeable results in around 6 to 12 weeks, although it could take as long as 12 weeks to obtain the full desired results.
  • Up to 4 areas can be treated in a single treatment, and there is no recovery time after your appointment.
  • That means you can conveniently fit cryolipolysis treatments before or after work, or even come in on your lunch break!
  • the freeze process treatment is perfect for reducing cellulite.
  • Get an appointment in the week or weekends.

If you consider your health here is a little more information

Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis

No need to go under the knife: opt for a quick, effective and painfree fat freezing treatment

  • Would you like to reduce fat on your belly, get toned legs or sculpt a your face to get the look you want, all without pain?
  • Sometimes no matter how much we pursue the diet and exercise route, we can find that the fat simply won’t shift from our face or certain areas of our body.
  • There is no need to opt for drastic and intrusive surgical procedures to shift that fat: Have you heard of Coolsculpting choose LA Lipo instead.

Feel great before, during and after your cold fat freezing appointment

  • Liposuction is going out of fashion. It is one of the more painful cosmetic surgeries that you can get, and it can take weeks to recover from, during which time you are left with bruising and your movements and daily activities can be severely limited.
  • Lipoglaze is very similar to LA Lipo fat reduction treatments are a fantastic alternative to this.
  • They use very cold temperatures to blast fat cells, killing them and causing them to break up and dissipate naturally through your lymphatic system, to be excreted in due course by your natural bodily processes.
  • No pain is involved in this fat reduction procedure, it takes less than an hour in the clinic, there is no recovery time, and you will start to see noticeable results in days.
  • If you have ever had a laser hair removal done at the salon, you will find that the fat freezing process is similar: pain free, quick – and pretty relaxing.
  • You can even be treated at home if you prefer. With this cold process, rather than feeling like a patient undergoing surgery, you will be feeling like you are being pampered at a salon.
  • This super cold technique can be applied to plenty of different areas, including the upper arms, thighs and abdomen, but it is all arranged so that you do not obtrusively sense the cold. If you have ever wrapped a bag of peas in a towel and put it onto a bruise, that is what our technique will remind you of.

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  • We would be delighted to welcome you as one of our newest clients. As a result, we invite you to explore our site to find out more about what we do and how we can benefit you.

We also have some great offers which we advise you on to make it super affordable.

Got any further queries?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Book your appointment today and start blasting away that unwanted fat the quick and painless way.

Hifu non-surgical facelifts by LA Lipo

Hi-fu, High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a non-surgical treatment that deals with skin treatment, jawline lifting, pore reduction, skin lightening and face shaping. This is done by shrinking the collagen fibres that are deep in the skin and burning fats in that area, so it becomes tight but smooth at the same.

Hi-fu can treat your wrinkles that come with ageing or facial accidents. After a Hi-fu treatment your skin will glow again like that of your youth or a well spent holiday!

It is a skin lifting and tightening non-invasive technique that is not surgical, so unlike other skin treatments it is completely risk free. It is a safe procedure where your skin will not be cut, or scarred.

Hi-Fu targets the exact same level of skin layer dealt with in aesthetic surgery, permeating the groundwork coating of your skin layer.

Rather than utilizing laser devices, which penetrate the skin layer, the Hi-Fu treatment bypasses the upper area of the skin, and supplies targeted electricity, primarily right into the area effected, as well as muscular tissues where bovine collagen stays.

Treatable Locations of the face and body

Total Skin & Back:

This therapy is highly recommended for drooping loose skin, dewlaps, around the eyes as well as deeper lines to accomplish a total younger appeal and look.

Less Skin & Back:

This therapy is highly recommended for customers hoping to build and contour to reduce skin as well as jawline place consisting of neck, face and also back.

Around the Eyes & Lips.


How many therapies recommended?

One singular therapy is advised and after that a maintenance procedure is actually encouraged every 18 months for most customers.

As a result of your skins rejuvenation process, your skin layer ill appear softer, much more pliable, and noticeably more vibrant. The Hi-Fu face lift is an excellent option if you do not really want to under go high risk surgical procedures.

A change in non-surgical face revitalization

The innovation is actually distinct in its own capacity to permeate the dermis and also the surface muscle aponeurotic device (SMAS) coating.

No other modern technology may target these coatings deeper within the skin layer in a non-invasive technique.

Unlike surgical treatment, Hi-Fu is actually extremely economical and also needs no time for recovery after, so change to your commitments.

When will I view end results?

Typically, twenty percent of your results should show promptly, the further 80% will be noticeable within 6 months of procedure.

So how does it feel?

Hi-Fu is relatively painfree, yet you might experience a small ache that lasts less than a few minutes during and after the treatment.

This soreness is common and dissipates incredibly quickly, this is an excellent indication that the bovine collagen method has actually started!

Hi-Fu therapy is risk-free as well as reliable, a non-invasive procedure as well as a preferred substitute to medical face lifts and treatments.

A lot of consumers are certainly not going to feel any kind of ache from the procedure, although there may be a mild level of sensitivity, or even warm and comfortable experience in the course of the therapy on its own.

There is actually no healing time called for.

The advantages of Hi-Fu consist of:

— Reshaping of the neck.

— Decrease of lines in between the nostrils and oral cavity.

Key perks:

– Induces organic collagen creation.

– No damage to the skin layer.

– No lengthy healing.

– Recognizable outcomes.

– LA Lipo Hi-Fu makes use of the power of ultrasound examination.

Ultrasound modern technology has been utilized properly in the health care industry for over half a century, along with ultrasound examination being made use of for maternity scans.

LA Lipo Hi-Fu is totally non-invasive as well as relies upon your body system’s own capacity for the development of bovine collagen to accomplish organic however recognizable end results.

– You are going to discover an obvious adjustment directly after the therapy, due to the fact this is actually a warmed procedure, your skin layer will definitely feel tighter, stronger and also revitalized.

The results of this procedure take up to 3 months to present themselves, which is the amount of time it takes for bovine collagen regrowth.

The crucial perks of this therapy are:

– Induces all-natural collagen development.

– No damage to the skin layer.

– No rehabilitation needed.

– Noticeable end results.

– Simple annual maintenance programme.

Hi-Fu from LA Lipo is a risk-free non-surgical ultrasound treatment that renews and also revitalises the skin layer in less than an hour.

The Hi-Fu therapy operates through permeating the skin layer, with ultrasound electricity to boost collagen development in the facial layers of the skin as well as subdermal degrees, causing changes to the cells.

As the cells heal, it raises bovine collagen. As these bovine collagen fibres grow and change they produce, a tightening impact to the skin layer.

Performance of Hi-Fu

You might find an immediate tightening in the skin after therapy, also plumper and firmer feeling skin over about a 3 month period as the skin layer’s organic bovine collagen increases.

Lots of patience find that the results last for around a year.

Noticeable results for both Men and Women for sagging skin for face, neck and body.

Treatment opportunity: 30-90 minutes.

Back to work: Right away.

Total Healing: Instantly.

Anaesthetic: None called for.

Sensitiveness Time frame: 2-3 times.

No of procedures: 1 therapy every location.

Outcome timeframes: 1-2 years.

Possible Danger: moderate inflammation, possible swelling.

Cryopen Skin Session Therapy from LA Lipo

Perfect for both Men and Women.

CryoPen is a state-of-the-art therapy that easily and safely removes, harmless skin blemishes such as moles, verruca’s, skin tags, sun damage, milia, cherry angiomas and more marks.


CryoPen uses a modern technology that performs cryogenic freezing, to targeted areas with amazing precision.

The pen-point accuracy as well as steady freeze temp of the CryoPen lessens the dangers of significant burns.

The CryoPen additionally creates cryosurgery this is safer for clients. The CryoPen therapy allows for low scarring and local anaesthetic is not required.

CryoPen is an innovative cryotherapy treatment, that is swift, accurate, targeted and risk-free for extraction of skin layer blemishes.

Treatments normally take from 5 to 25 secs, therefore you may not be with us for too long!
The CryoPen from LA Lipo, produce gas under high pressure, which enables one of our specialist consultants to collaborate with millimetre precision.

This damages the cells by using inter-cellular liquid, creating ice particles as well as crystals which fracture the membrane layer, consequently destroying the tissue.

This millimetre precision means that no damage can occur to well-balanced cells.

Aesthetic methods like skin layer tags, milia as well as cherry angiomas are no longer being treated through majority of physicians on the NHS.

CryoPen offers the best procedure for:

– Solar lentigo
– Age spots
– Moles.
– Milia.
– Cherry angioma
– Skin layer tags
– Verruca’s


Exactly how it operates.
Initial pattern– freeze.

The applicator is supported to the skin blemish area.

Our consultants treat the affected area in short 1 to 30 second bursts. This dependent on location and size of blemish.

After the initial freeze burst, the cells is allowed to thaw for 30 seconds. Where our consultants can assess the area.


Advantages of CryoPen innovation.

Pinpoint reliability (localised effective treatmen,t leaving healthy and balanced bordering cells uneffected).

Safe, tried and tested procedure.

Effective on blemishes 1mm to 10mm in dimension.

Quick therapies (deals with a 2mm blemish in 10 secs).
Safe for use on skin as well as near eyes.

Relatively pain free.

An ultra-cool beam of nitrous oxide is applied directly to the affected area destroying the blemish.

Do away with those unattractive skin tags, verruca’s, age spots and moles and embrace your confidence.

This quick versatile treatment means you will be confident that even the trickiest of blemishes can be removed safely and easily.

CryoPen deals with removal of a wide range of skin blemishes success and ease!


CryoPen can easily remove:

– Skin tags
– Age/liver spots
– Milia
– Cherry angioma

– Verruca’s
– Solar lentigo (solar flare).
– Various other skin discoloration
– Plantar spots
– Condyloma (genital or even rectal blemishes).
– Popular mole (birthmarks, birthmarks etc).
– Contagiosum (water moles)
– Hyperplasia


CryoPen treatment takes such a short time , therapy sessions can be less than 2 mins.

– No anaesthetic is needed, and it is essentially pain-free.

– It is one of our least intrusive, yet effective procedures available.

– It is our consultants preferred treatment method for skin blemishes as they can target with such accuracy.

What to expect through the treatment and also after therapy.

During the procedure, you might notice a freeze or even icefield on the blemish. This should not create any sort of concern as the freeze typically leaves within a couple of seconds.

A typical treatment approach normally consists of a freeze-thaw-freeze for slightly more stubborn blemishes.

Your fully trained consultant will advise on length of treatment needed based on size and location of the blemish.

Most common treatment is the removal of warts.

Why select us for Crypen ?

No recovery is needed you can resume normal activities straight away!

Nonetheless, your consultant might administer a blemish covering to avoid irritation and or discomfort.


Do you experience vaginal looseness?

Strengthen the wellness and health of vaginal cells along with non-invasive HIFU procedure


Enhanced muscle strength, health, and improved suppleness of genital muscle mass

Heightened experience throughout sexual intercourse

Strengthened management over urinary system and incontinence

Improved vaginal health and balance.

Ladies may opt for HIFU vaginal ultrasound therapies. This non-surgical, minimally intrusive technique can easily improve areas of concern boosting your self-confidence and improve your lifestyle.

HIFU vaginal Tightening   from LA Lipo is one of the absolute most effective non-surgical genital lifting treatments available.

Much like your skin layer, the vaginal cells are developed through a sustaining system of collagen threads.

Throughout genital childbearing as well as merely growing older these collagen threads can easily becoming damaged and loose strength.

This may provide a loosened sensation. Asking surveying 500 females who had experienced genital childbirth, half of these women had concerns with genital looseness.

These women surveyed said they experienced loss of sensation and satisfaction during intercourse.

They additionally had to deal with urinary incontinence and also vaginal dry skin.

How does the treatment work?

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Examination (HIFU) is actually a gold standard, non-surgical method, applying electric current right into the interior skin layer designed at depths of 3mm & 4.5 mm every procedure, making sure synchronised training and also tightening occurs.

The automated genital wand take advantage of a 360 turning for great end results.

SKIN and the SMAS layers

HIFU modern technology targets the DERMAL as well as SMAS level, for each surface and also muscle tightening creating brand-new bovine collagen, this keeps working for up to 100 days post treatment.

Just how can HIFU assist with anxiety urinary incontinence?

Tension urinary incontinence through women is common. Loss of bladder control may occur from sneezing, or any pressure on your bladder. Genital cells may loose strength and its own suppleness.

Considering that on occasion if not all urine is able to be discharged infections can occur.

The HIFU genital tightening therapy will assist vaginal canal regrow as well as decrease urinary incontinence. A perfect solution.

Why opt for HIFU Vaginal Tightening?

It boosts the durability, strength, health, as well as suppleness of the genital muscle mass.

No recovery or rehabilitation duration is required.

It boosts sexual experience.

The technique uses a short time and is non-invasive and does not hurt.

It provides more bladder control.

Customers reviews

I liked the fat freezing it was easy and and fast. Lost around 2 inches over two sessions
fat freezing arms
After had botox many times i wanted something that lasted longer so tried Hifu and so far its working really well
LA Lipo Taunton gave us a great deal and amazing service so overall happy.
Mike & Sarah